Construction Update – July 14, 2015


here The deep water culture bed has been emptied for cleaning and aeration systems re-design installation.

purchase metformin no visa without prescription We are now within 90 days of full operational readiness on our first deep water culture bed and fish tank.  We still expect to begin moving our first weekly batches of herbs and lettuces into the local produce market in late September.  The reason it is taking a while is the need for more nutrients in our biomass which is a function of the density of our small but growing fish population.

Our chief engineer, Jim Hubshman, demonstrated this while taking the initial 3,000 gallon deep water grow bed offline to upgrade the air injection systems.  This reduced the total volume of water in the system from about 5,000 gallons to 2,000 gallons, greatly increasing the density of nutrients in the remaining water flow, and causing the plants on the nursery grow bed to respond.


recherche femme de mГ©nage particulier Seedlings on the seedling grow bed begin to respond to the increased density of nutrients in the circulating water systems. On other fronts, our friend and local salvage operator, Ron, found us a sand filter and a cartridge filter which we will integrate into our systems.  Salvaged materials have kept the capital costs of our initial operation very low.  It’s amazing what can really be done with the things we humans create, construct, use, and then discard.  Next up will be the second fish tank for the AMF1 installation to be followed by additional deep water culture beds.  We have laid out this second tank adjacent to the first and just North of the seedling grow hoop house.  This second tank will be roughly twice the volume of the first with only slightly larger footprint. Stay tuned for more as well as for the upcoming announcement of our produce kickoff party in September.

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