Live fish-cams? rencontre provinciale des ccae 2014 Who likes a live fish-cam?  Right?  So soothing and intriguing… Have yours with real bubble sounds, or choose your own music! So there are some interesting choices when you’re going for live underwater streaming.  We could go really cheap… a used but working cell modem and some IP webcams.  We could even build all the housings ourselves with some plexiglass and good glue, seals, and gaskets…  But it turns out (of course) that there are some nifty pre-packaged underwater viewing alternatives.

Blue Underwater Webcams has basic full services from $$200/month

follow url Blue Underwater Webcams – Underwater camera IT services

rencontre cuisine santé For instance, Blue Underwater Webcams has basic full services from about $$200/month including streaming services and equipment.  But these are generally under long term contracts of 1 or more years.  So basically they are an outside IT service that guarantees uptime on the cams and bandwidth and codec services for the streaming part.

enter site At the other end of the spectrum and for only a few hundred in total, plus only a few setup and programming hours…  We could buy this totally handy broadcast ready submersible webcam with remote installation support and website page implementation code for about $470.

best pics russian dating sites The folks at Camsecure, a UK based security and equipment company,  source this submersible IP webcam from China. (The camera alone is available for about $250 on Amazon.)  It comes in a flashlight housing balanced with two heavy stainless steel weights to ensure good submerged stability. Their kit includes the underwater camera itself fitted with a 65 foot lead to connect back to a mini webserver and power supply unit, which connect directly to your broadband or network router (not included).

xtb forex indir We will figure something out.  Meanwhile, check the new fish cam page for updates on status and weekly fish cam episodes.


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