Construction Update Jan-Apr 2016

Touring pasture for permaculture integration

bonne presentation pour site de rencontre Survey tour of the north pasture. The Farm at Hypoluxo and Lyons road in Palm Beach County is expanding.  New farm host, The Fancy Chicken, is reorganizing the farm to demonstrate free range pasture permaculture. Pasture rotation creates tremendous opportunities for crop and feed rotations in a natural process that amends and feeds the soil.  The livestock are rotated through succeeding pastures, grazing and feeding and fertilizing as they go.  This is a natural way to speed soil improvement while providing a healthy diet to the animals.  In this case, chickens, ducks and turkeys.

go here Fresh Table Farms is joining the expansion, bringing aquaponic systems into the pasture rotation process.

order Lyrica online usa Constructing aquaculture ponds from the canals along the pastures, we are installing aquaponic systems in deep water culture beds.  Continuing our exploration of lowest cost IP development, the grow beds and ponds will be sculpted in the soil.  Duckweed troughs fed by the nutrient rich water will flood and ebb to allow livestock to graze.  Construction and assembly is scheduled for the end of May, 2016 with production beginning a few weeks after depending on the fish population.

Farm Pasture Hypoluxo and Lyons Road

go to link View along the existing pasture trench that will be excavated to form Aquaponic Pond 2

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