Construction Update – July 14, 2015

see We are now within 90 days of full operational readiness on our first deep water culture bed and fish tank.  We still expect to begin moving our first weekly batches of herbs and lettuces into the local produce market in late September.  The reason it is taking a while is the […]

New Seedling Production Bed As fish are added and the bio-filter comes up, we are designing a new seedling bed for our new seedling house.  Hopefully the design will keep our seedlings moist and well fed until they are transplanted to the rafts. The water is the same nutrient rich stream supplied to the grow-bed. For […]

New Farm Stories on our Facebook Page

follow link The tunnel needs more shade cloth and I still need to add the purlins, but it’s a good start… We’re building what we hope is the first in a series of “Aquaponic Mini Farms” with which we hope to help disrupt the factory farming system. Each “AMF” will provide a fresh […]

What’s it like building a new tech farm business?

IMG_1537Building the aquaponic mini farm at Solace Farm has been an amazing experience for brothers Jim and Peter Hubshman.  After two years of research they formed their company and partnered with Solace International on Solace Farm in Palm Beach County FL to start the AMF at Solace Farm (Aquaponic Mini Farm).  They raised money with a few friends, and salvaged bricks from the back of tenements and astro-turf from a farm friendly salvage company, and created a low cost beta test for their aquaponic tech.  The brothers are nearing completion of the first aquaponic fish tank and grow bed in their system and expect to begin lettuce production in the next few weeks.

Many thanks to our friends and investors!

After 2 years of planning and research we have broken ground on our first project: The AMF (Aquaponic Mini Farm) at Solace Farm in Palm Beach County FL.  We’ve set out to prove and improve small local organic farming to support the organic movement and to lessen our dependance on […]